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Friedrich Von Schiller Poems

November 3rd, 2010 No comments

friedrich von schiller poems
What is the poem "The Dance" by Friedrich von Schiller mean?

I really do not understand at all. please help.

I think it's the harmony of creation. It describes a dance partner, but use it as an allegory of harmony possible in the world, and understand the difficulty, because the dancers are always moving, never still. Therefore, at the end of the poem asks "you" probably the player and if it is possible to understand the harmony of art in general, of his poem, perhaps. It is a vision of art as a form of movement, not nearer. You could probably say something about the shape of the poem too, which is supposed to convey a sense of harmony, unless it is a translation of what are probably the original poem is lost.

Poem – Schiller “Worte des Glaubens”