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Executive Intelligence Review Vol 40 #4

January 28th, 2013 No comments


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Our cover image, 17th-Century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s “The Astronomer,” brings to life the key concept of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Redefining Science, Really: The Subject of Sense-Uncertainty,” this week’s Feature.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr  The account which I now present here, begins with what is, for me, a proverbial “old story.” But, still today, with most others, even relevant academics, that old story contains a truth which even many graduated scientists had failed to grasp, and often enough defended the same old errors, some even hysterically, even recently. Among a growing ration of academics today, the incompetence in related subject-matters grows worse, even acute. Those who have paid fulsome attention to what is important, will recognize that the subject on which I am focused here, is that which is commonly called “sense perception,” but which, nonetheless, fails to define the very real “physical geometry” of that real universe which we inhabit. Thus, on precisely that account, sense-perception often represents what I fairly describe as “sense-deception.”
My mission in writing this report here, is, specifically, to emphasize a warning against that deception of the human mind which is induced by means of an axiomatic quality of “blind faith” in a misconceived, but, nonetheless, widely alleged verity of the doubtful notion of the human senses as such.
I had first presented my argument here, decades ago. The argument has been derived from a fact which I had known since my explicit rejection of Euclidean geometry at about the age of fourteen. Notably, my awareness of a specifically controversial feature of that experience is something which I had first expressed publicly during the course of the first day of a class in “Plane Geometry,” …If you look closely, you will see that the astronomer is not tracing his fingers across a globe of the Earth, but rather of the “celestial sphere.” He is looking at the heavens, not with his eyes or his fingers, but with his mind. And the metaphorical celestial sphere, of course, is not actually a sphere at all, but was wrongly conceived as such by centuries of Earth-centered Ptolemaic pseudo-science. Earlier in Vermeer’s own century, the great astronomer Johannes Kepler fully overthrew the Ptolemaic view, making the discoveries that laid the foundation for modern science.

In Economics, we report big news on the fight over Glass-Steagall—both pro and con. While top U.S. banking regulators Thomas Hoenig and Richard Fisher are calling for the separation of commercial and investment banking, (“Bank Supervisors Throw Glass-Steagall Thunderbolt“), the Association of German Banks has come out squarely against that approach, sticking with the casino economy that has brought Germany, Europe, and the world to the brink of financial collapse, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche writes in “German Banking Associations Want To Keep Dancing on the Titanic.” For the effects of EU policy in Europe, see “So. Europe Doctors: Stop Cutting Health.” We also publish an interview with EIR‘s Paul Gallagher, “Glass-Steagall, Then and Now: How To Fix a Bankrupt Economy,” in which he answers questions that many readers have about FDR’s Glass-Steagall bill, Rep. Marcy Keptur’s HR 129 (which is now before the House of Representatives), the relationship of these to the “fiscal cliff,” and more.

International focusses on the spread of war and the threat of still wider war in Southwest Asia and Northern Africa, in “Thirty Years War Spreading Across Africa, Middle East.” What an irony, that France, with U.S. support, is battling the very al-Qaeda affiliates in Mali that both Washington and Paris are supporting in Syria! See, “North and West Africa Targetted for Protracted, Deadly Conflict.”

National leads with LaRouche’s remarks at his Jan. 18 Friday Webcast, on the subject of money, “Human Productivity Has Value—Money Has None!” If you think the financial crisis is about money, you’ll never solve it! Paper or digital currencies have nothing to do with economic value, which is determined by the productivity of the human mind. The second story in National is Sen. Ron Wyden’s open letter to CIA Director nominee John Brennan, slamming the Administration’s illegal execution of Americans: “What Is the President’s Authority for Killing of Americans?” And there is an up-to-date report on the growing support for Glass-Steagall among state legislators and others, in “Legislators, Activists Demand Glass-Steagall.”

Rounding out the issue is a History section, “150 Years After the Constitution: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Second Inaugural Address.”

The Editorial is “Voices of Sanity Demand Glass-Steagall.”

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