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Types Of Behavior Disorder

November 3rd, 2010 No comments

types of behavior disorder
If hoarding is not a part of evolution the how does science explain such disorders?

How does science explain such disorders? Like O.C.D. or hoarding is this something that is learned or are people born with these types of behaviors? Thanks.

While I don’t buy into every evolution tale I hear, I can see how someone would probably make the case that hoarding is a result of evolution. After all, there are many small mammals from which we have “descended” that store up food for winter (squirrels, mice, etc). Since we supposedly have some rodent like critter in our distant ancestry, I don’t see why “scientists” wouldn’t speculate that it was an inherited trait. Remember, if you follow a purely materialist line of thought, then every human emotion is a function of the brain and must have genetic causes. Our ability to love, hate, feel and think are all just chemical processes in the body which have evolved over billions of years of life on earth.

Progression of Behavior Disorders