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Bering Strait Tunnel Project

November 23rd, 2010 No comments

Do you think we should create a bridge or tunnel across the Strait. Bering and / or through Central America?

I can not think of the basic structure of each project. (S) that will do more to increase the productivity of the United States and around the world. What do you think? "We are blowing money on everything else, this approach will be" blown money or not. " As Lincoln's. Transcontinental railroad "blow money?" "Why do we need to bridge or tunnel through Central America?" To make low-cost, high-speed transport for help. Significantly reduce the cost of shipping of course, "then all. nutsy terrorism and illegal will be able to enter the United States from any And all points. "What. There will be more dangerous compared to the current means of transport or not. What absurd claim. Meg, you sure about that? I think the train is the cheapest method of transportation from any Any of them, when you add in oil,. Insurance, the cost of the security lanes and more. Other.

I am with "Dutch" in this Why do you need to bridge in the Central Region. America? You want to get to Jamaica by road? You will know that North and South America that is attached, right? For direct bearing on plans already. But the bridge will not carry money. It will not be.

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