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Riemann Prime Numbers

April 19th, 2011 No comments

riemann prime numbers
The first question everyone? (Not a homework question!)?

This can be a bit too much on the technical aspect, but here goes: Over time I have been fascinated by prime numbers and its mystery. During my reading, I found "The hypothesis Riemann "on the parts of real zeros of the Riemann zeta function. Wikipedia entry was a bit more about my future, but said that this assumption is somehow related to the distribution of prime numbers. My question is: Can someone please explain the function Zeta and the implications of the Riemann hypothesis in the theory of prime numbers? Note that I studied mathematics at university level and knowledge Basic complex analysis. * I refer to the Wikipedia article was a bit Copy to my head C, could include the name of this book, if please? Regardless, I found it, thank you!

I will not be able to do better than this: # Distribution_of_prime_numbers You see, if you did not, data from Derbyshire. It is written for someone with knowledge of mathematics basis, so it should not be difficult at all. —- Edit: Oh, it's called "Prime Obsession", I think. The last thing I saw the most renowned libraries that have been in the math section.

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