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Darien Panama

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darien panama
by boat from Costa Rica to Ecuador? or any way to get past Darien?

We are thinking of a trip from the United States to Peru, buses, ships or trains. Flying is not an option. The only thing questionable about the whole trip seems to be beyond the Darién Gap, between Panama and the Canal border with Colombia. Better yet, we'd love to just jump Panama and Colombia, to get a boat from Costa Rica to Ecuador. How is this done? respondents experienced please.

Your best bet is to fly from Quito or Guayquill (Ecuador) and then to Panama. The flight is about an hour and a half. Detention in Panama it worth it just to watch the channel, then you can travel to the border with Costa Rica in about 5 hours. If you go by boat and ending in Cartagena, do not worry Colombia is a country really wonderful and worth a visit. I flew to Ecuador, because as you know it's too dangerous to attempt the Darien Gap. Fun

Platanilla Darien Panama-Panama.wmv

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