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Executive Intelligence Review Vol 40 #5

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Classical Beauty Will Move Mankind To Save Civilization
by Nancy Spannaus

Jan. 29—“It is through beauty that one proceeds to freedom,” wrote the German poet of freedom Friedrich Schiller, as he sought to provide the inspiration the world needed to escape the barbarism that followed the failed French Revolution of 1789. That same message is today at the heart of the work of the international Schiller Institute, an association founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, as the Institute seeks to bring the world back from the brink of a New Dark Age that threatens human extinction, through thermonuclear war or devastating societal and economic collapse. With this intention, the Institute sponsored a conference at Riverside Church in New York City on Jan. 26, on the theme “A New Paradigm to Save Mankind.” The all-day meeting brought together approximately 300 people to hear presentations on the current strategic danger, and the Constitutional and artistic principles needed to defeat it. Several musical presentations, including a performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Magnificat,” served as inspiring examples of the power of Classical art, including to many in the audience who had never been exposed to Classical music before. This Schiller conference continues a process begun in Germany in November 2012, where the Institute brought together a broad array of international spokesmen, to put forward proposals for economic development that would provide the basis for a lasting peace. That conference initiated an ongoing process of international dialogue on the axioms underlying the current world catastrophe, and the necessary shift in the concept of man required…

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Our feature story deals with a breakthrough conference sponsored by the Schiller Institute in New York City January 26, entitled “A New Paradigm to Save Mankind.” Following a short introduction (“Classical Beauty Will Move Mankind To Save Civilization“), which gives an overview of the speakers and topics addressed, we publish Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s keynote presentation, and the video contribution of “Rep. Walter Jones.” The entire conference endorsed Rep. Jones’s appeal for support.

We next turn to the political situation in the United States, where a major obstacle to that new paradigm, President Barack Obama, is facing significant new problems. “The Lid Is Off: Appeals Court Slams Obama for Violating Constitution,” reviews the significance of the Jan. 25 decision by the U.S. District Court of Appeals in Washington, on Obama’s abuses of power. As Lyndon LaRouche has stressed, this is a potentially crucial turning point, toward getting Obama out of office.

We then reprise other areas where Obama has violated his oath of office: on Benghazi (“Why It Makes a Difference: Obama’s Coverup Claims Three More Victims“) and his killer drone program (“UN To Probe Obama’s Killer Drone Program“). Domestic consequences for not getting rid of Obama and his policies are elaborated in “U.S. Health Care Needs the Glass-Steagall Principle.”

The continuing threat of global war, due to the Empire’s policy, leads our international section (“Russian Military Prepares for Growing War Danger“). It is followed by “Bibi Netanyahu’s Humiliating Defeat,” and an indepth article by our Italian expert Claudio Celani on “Italy’s Monte dei Paschi: A Four-Century-Old Nemesis Casts Its Shadow Over Upcoming Elections.” This is a piece you can’t afford to miss.

The Economics section focuses on the fight for Glass-Steagall, both internationally (“‘Ringfencing’ and ‘Liikanen Plan’ Are Fakes: Only FDR’s Glass-Steagall Can Solve the Crisis,” and domestically (“Fed Policy of Hyperinflation Sparks Revolt“).

We conclude the issue with a new contribution from Lyndon LaRouche, which brings us back to the principles which must underlie an effective paradigm shift for long-term survival. “Now Return to the Subject of Our Constitution: The Principle Involved,” begins with the principles set forward by President Washington and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, but moves into the domain of science and Classical art, to uncover the core of the method which must be revived.

The editorial takes on a pivotal aspect of the current paradigm that must be reversed, in “Green Is Genocide—Defeat It!

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