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Lack Of Compassion Disorder

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lack of compassion disorder
my wife left me. Now I find out why I act the way I do. What chould I do?

My wife left me because of my irresposibilty and lack of compassion, and habit of doing dumb things. I went to physciatrist today and he told me I have a form of depression called Dysthimia which is a sort of depression disorder that can cause all teh above actions. She just left me what should I do. I am seeking treatment and talking about the reasons why I have this disorder (before her time). Should I ask her to forgive me and try to work it out or ahould I work it out than let her see the difference.

Oh, puh-leese, you cannot blane Dysthimia for being irresponsible, uncompassionate and basically stupid. Trust me, I have been diagnosed with Dysthimia and ir causes NONE of those things. Do you know what “dysthimia” means in Latin ? Basically it means “bad mood.” Dysthimia is a milder, chronic depression which lasts for two years or longer. It involves long-term, chronic symptoms that do not completely disable, but keep you from functioning at “full steam” or from feeling good. Some people with Disthymia may not even realize that they are depressed.

A mild anti-depressant over a short period of time (a year or two) along with some psychological counseling should be able to put you back on track. Part of what you must do as part of your own rehabilitation is some serious introspection and that will include taking responsibility for how you have acted in the past. (Quite honestly, the “reasons” you have this – your past – is pretty inconsequential. You might want to understand your past, but it is your future that is at stake. And a serious dose of behavior modification is in your future if you want to become a valued member of the human race.)

You can acknowledge that you have chosen to be irresponsible and you can choose to stop being irresponsible. You can accept and acknowledge that you have been uncaring and uncompassionate and then you can start putting other human being first each and every time until you learn true compassion. You can STOP and THINK about what you do and say and the consequences which could take place before you act or open your mouth and perhaps you will begin to cease doing “stupid” things.

And you need to leave your wife out of this. You need to be a whole, healed, and full person who is happy with himself before you even think of trying to bring her back into your life and getting back into hers.

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