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So what’s new?

Well… scroll down a bit if you want to see the latest articles and videos that are intended to act as independent reference points on positive topics that are part of LaRouche’s train of thought. You will find on the right hand side, a recent selection by The Curator, of ironical posts, relevant articles and videos to help better understand those important world issues which at times are complex and can be hard to digest.

Much of the vocabulary used to accurately describe current and historical matters in publications such as Executive Intelligence Review needs to be better understood in order to really appreciate the important concepts and insights being reported. The intention of this site is to offer a broader view on such topics so as to develop informed supportive citizens rather than mere followers of political rhetoric.

Warning! This material may educate, challenge, entertain, even enlighten, you, me, Mr LaRouche and other like minded immortal souls.

Either way, it’s all  food for thought……After all, we live in such interesting times, don’t we?


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