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Leonardo Da Vinci Writing

April 26th, 2011 No comments

leonardo da vinci writing
What Leonardo da Vinci's contributions to the world?

My history teacher wants me to understand what the contributions of Leonardo Da Vinci did for the world and how the world might be different if you have never been around in my report. I need to write two paragraphs on what contributions did and 2 about how the world could be different if he was never around. Please tell me some of the contributions made to the world and / or how the world might be different if he was not there. Thank you! 🙂

He gave us ideas to draw something that looked like a helicopter. He painted The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.

Face of Young Da Vinci Appears

Applause Books The Actor's Eye (Seeing and Being Seen) Applause Books Series Written by David Downs

Applause Books The Actor’s Eye (Seeing and Being Seen) Applause Books Series Written by David Downs


With this landmark compilation of classes and exercises, anyone can afford to be coached by the man whose students are propelled from his legendary classes at Northwestern University to Broadway and Hollywood. Acting is as simple as brick-laying and as great as Leonardo da Vinci’s art, writes Downs. The Downs approach coaches the actor to make the essential connections between his character and the forces that govern him so that craft is inevitable and art is made possible.

FineArtTapestries 3100-WH Vitruvian Man Wall Tapestry

FineArtTapestries 3100-WH Vitruvian Man Wall Tapestry


Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic drawing, Vitruvian Man. In his notes for this work, Leonardo writes that it is based on the work of the architect Vitruvius. Sometimes called The Canon of Proportions, or, less frequently, Proportions of Man, the original drawing is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius in Book III of his treatise De Architectura. Vitruvius described the human figure as being the principal source of proportion among the Classical orders of architecture. Vitruvius determined that the ideal body should be eight heads high. Our artisans have respectfully reproduced this drawing in richly detailed textile form, weaving a stunning wall tapestry that allows you to bring history to your home. Features Great for covering large spaces and softening noise in any room Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail Jacquard woven style provides true depth, texture and richness Carefully woven and sewn to create a unique artistic accent to your decor Hand stitched rod pocket makes display simple and secure Made in the USA Specifications Materials: Cotton & Cotton