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Definition Of Biosphere

July 7th, 2011 No comments

definition of biosphere

Please help me with simple definitions of these words. At least help with some of them! 🙂 PLEASE .. Such as not too complicated. Only the most simple, please! Organizations – Microorganisms – Species – Population – Community – Ecosystem – Biosphere – Biome – Habitat – Predator – Prey – Niche – Photosynthesis – Producers – Consumers – herbivores – carnivores – Detrivores – Decomposers – Food Chain – I want more simple because of them many more, and I have a pop quiz test tomorrow, so we need a memorable definition faster. Please not to criticize.

Bodies – The microorganisms living things – one cell plants / animals that are not visible to the naked eye the species – a group of organisms as that can generate and play with each other. Population – number of members of a particular species in an area or specific place. An example of this is a population of bats in a cave specific. Community – within an ecosystem of the population – How different populations in a community and housing co-exist with others within a habitat. the habitat where an animal lives Biosphere – where all things live in the land Biome – "The world's major communities, classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterized by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment ", such as desert, tundra, grasslands, Forest Habitat – When a species lives Predator – hunting other animals for food. Prey – The hunting of predators. Niche – A place of species in the ecosystem photosynthesis – How do green plants make food producers – those who make things. Consumers – Those who consume or eat things up. Herbivores – carnivores they eat plants – Detrivores eat meat – eating organic waste, poop as decomposers – bacteria and fungi that decompose dead organic matter. Food chain – A sequence from smallest to largest in the relationship between predators and prey. Worm eats algae, small fish eats the worm, small fish eat trout, catch and eat the eagle trout.

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